I love to draw, and I’ve been doing so efter since I was little. My friends in preschool used to ask me to draw stuff for them and that urged me to keep improving my skills. At an age of 11 I got my first digital drawing tablet and was hooked from that instance. Since then I’ve been drawing mostly digital, and today it’s second nature to me. I still draw using pen and paper now and then, but mostly while sitting in the train or bus.

At an age of around 21, I started doing freelance work for LEGO which was a great experience. In 2011 I got a masters degree from Denmarks School of Design, in Digital Design. Shortly after, I was hired by Danish game publisher Spigo, for a full time position as an illustrator/graphic’s guy responsible for all aspects of game graphics.

Feel free to contact me if anything you’ve seen on my site looks like something you’d like.

Martin Nebelong

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Saxogade, Copenhagen, Denmark